Company Chart:



Occupying a leading position in the green building materials field

With the accurate grasp of market requirements, working hard to meet customers’ demand more stable and faster


Creating products value with advanced technology

Satisfying customers’ demand with high-quality products and best services


Take green production and green products as basic principles, and actively develop new commodities

Persist with brand image and high-quality products to maintain corporate reputation

Make clear objectives of development, set up a long-term strategy and business policy, and improve the internal management system.

Give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, and use them with their aptitude. Establish a high-quality and closely working team.

Make use of the excellent process and technology to reduce waste of raw materials and cut down cost.

Constantly develop market, seek strategic cooperation, and give the greatest efforts to win market recognition.

Keep on moving ahead, use braveness, innovation and reputation to get and maintain market competitiveness.